About BCST

Are you curious about what your body has to say?
That nagging tension you feel between your shoulder blades...the clenched jaw...the achy pain in your hips...Craniosacral therapy treats these kinds of symptoms and their physical and emotional connections. Prior traumas, injuries, surgery and emotional experiences can show up as discomfort or even pain and chronic health problems when your body no longer has the resources to handle the traumas. Physical and emotional experiences have effects on our tissues that are held in check for long periods of time.

How It Works

Your body has an in-born ability to heal itself. The educated, non-invasive biodynamic craniosacral touch tunes into your inner resources and supports this healing ability. I begin by lightly touching your ankles to 'listen' to what's going on in your body's tissues. I notice the state of your nervous system. I feel the craniosacral rhythms and work with the health in your body. I will move my hands, with your permission, to the part of your body that seems to need extra resources to work through its difficulty. By following the priorities of your system in this way, each session is unique. 

...feel better

This therapy can positively affect the chemistry, the alignment and the nervous energy of the body. I've seen great results with dialling down the nervous system, alleviating muscle tension, pain, inflammation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Clients report increased energy, a sense of peace, greater resilience, and mental clarity and focus - as well as relief of symptoms. Clients often come to BCST as a last resort when other kinds of treatment aren't helping.

This therapy works! I'd love to try it with you!


Johanna Franzel, a craniosacral therapist in Portland Maine, found herself explaining to her 8-year old what craniosacral therapy is and does. I really enjoyed this post and believe you'll find it enlightening!