What clients say

I often feel tired but can’t relax.  Now, the day after my treatment, it feels like what was causing the “overactivity” has been “switched off”.                        C.S., Calgary

Working with Linda was very helpful. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a process whereby one comes back into balance. Having issues with my shoulders and neck, the process helped me regain alignment where things were off. The gentleness of the non-intrusive process was surprising, as one’s body informs the therapist and healing occurs.  
Mary-Ann Owens, PhD, MBA Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Calgary  

When I first experienced Craniosacral Therapy, I wasn't sure what to expect. Even now as I try to explain it to others, my definitions fall short and sound strange even to my own ears. But when asked to talk about the positive effects ...What I've experienced is learning to pay closer attention to my physical body. To how I'm sitting, standing, moving. To pay attention to where I hold the stress in my body. Through the help of Linda I've learned that the central nervous system is connected to the diaphragm. That deep breathing into the diaphragm actually helps with my digestive issues. In fact, the difference is truly amazing!  
Kathleen, Calgary

This therapy works! I'd love to try it with you!